Sparta Manufacturing | Gulf Coast RecyclingTime-Lapse Video
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Gulf Coast Recycling
Time-Lapse Video

Gulf Coast Recycling Plastics Recovery Facility  

Installation Time-Lapse Video

GA-based Gulf Coast Recycling has successfully met the challenge of optimizing value from mixed plastics.  GCR’s rich operational strength stems from its partners’ unique combination of expertise and industry experience, which factored strongly into the system’s design and equipment train. GCR selected Sparta to closely collaborate on the system engineering, integration, and manufacturing of its state-of-the-art recycling facility, where production, recovery efficiency, and product purity are of paramount importance.


Designed, engineered, and manufactured for Gulf Coast Recycling, this highly automated Sparta mixed plastic sorting system separates the various plastics by grades and removes contaminants.  “GCR takes the recovery process a major step forward by deploying technology to optimize product value right here at home, rather than relying on overseas labor-intensive processing, as was commonly done in the past,” says Rutger Zweers, Sparta’s VP of Sales Engineering.’


The Gulf Coast Recycling system is comprised of a range of specialty processing equipment (including optical sorters, magnets, and eddy current separation), integrated by Sparta, who also manufactured the system’s conveyors, screens, sort lines, support structures, and steel package. Sparta was proud to work with GCR’s team of highly regarded industry veterans on this project.


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