Sparta Manufacturing | Sparta Non-Wrap OCC Screen: Highly efficient Separation of Non-Wrapping Old Corrugated Cardboard for Single Stream Recycling
The Sparta OCC screen provides highly efficient separation of OCC (old corrugated cardboard) from the balance of mixed recyclables (fiber and container) and debris.
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Item Information

Used For
  • Small use bullet points here
  • Sorting Big rocks and diapers
  • 5 ft W x 12ft D x 8 ft H
  • 135 metric tonns / hr

Material Recovery Facilities - Single Stream

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The Sparta Finger Screener is a highly aggressive double-deck screener specifically designed for the rigors of C&D processing. It is uniquely able to separate overs, middles, and fines in one pass; enabling one screener to do all of the necessary screening in a dual (or single) line system processing up to 50 tons per hour.


By having the top deck self-cleaning robust Grizzly fingers scalp the larger debris, and the bottom deck square mesh accurately size the fines (to as fine as 1″ minus), the Sparta Finger screener is not only highly productive and efficient, but also extremely compact.


For recyclers looking to optimize system footprint, cost, and production/recovery efficiency, the Sparta Finger Screener is the front-end screener of choice for single and dual line C&D recycling systems throughout North America.

See video clips below to appreciate why and how the Sparta Finger Screen is impacting recyclers’ bottom lines.