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Sparta offers a complete line of Mulch, Peat Moss and Compost Processing and Material Handling Equipment. With its revolutionary Density Separator, Star Screen, Disc Screen & Trommel Screen, Sparta designs and produces high performance systems designed to meet the organic industry’s challenging material processing and handling requirements.
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Faced with labor shortages and increased demand for product purity, single stream recyclers throughout North America are calling on the Sparta team of experts to retrofit their systems with increased automation.  This commonly includes Sparta adding and upgrading optical sorters, eddy current separators, robots, and more to their existing single stream MRFs.   


Sparta single stream system upgrades also commonly including upgrading/upsizing of Self-Cleaning OCC screens, ballistic separators, glass breaker screens, film vacuum systems, balers, etc. 

Modernize your Single Stream operation with fully integrated upgrades and increased automation.

The engineering-deep Sparta team designs and integrates the increased automation system solution, manufactures the associated conveyors and steel package items, ties in all associated controls, removes equipment no longer needed, and installs these system upgrade packages with its own install team.   


When it comes to designing, manufacturing, integrating, & installing residential and commercial single stream systems and upgrades, Sparta works closely with your team to optimize your recycling solution. 


Sparta manufactures all conveyors, steel package, and select screening and separation equipment, and integrates the best-fit equipment/technology from the industry.  Our goals and yours are completely aligned, as results will show! 


Sparta’s single stream plants commonly feature: bag openers, pre-sort lines, combo belt feeders, Self Cleaning OCC Screens, glass breaker screens, container storage silos, pneumatic conveyors, polishing screens, magnets, eddy current separators, NIR optical sorters, robots, balers, and more… 


MSW process and transfer remains a vibrant industry sector, particularly with the increase of shipping waste by rail.   For these customers, Sparta commonly provides combo belt baler feed conveyors, MSW balers, bale wrapping systems, etc., typically fed by a Sparta-integrated shredder with metals recovery system. 


For MSW processors seeking to separate organics and select streams for AD composting, digesting, or gasification, Sparta provides comprehensive MSW processing/recycling systems, involving shredding, bag-opening, feeding, screening, air separation, optical sorting, eddy currents, magnets and more. 


And as part of Sparta’s trademark design philosophy, Sparta integrates best-fit third-party equipment/technologies along with its in-house manufactured conveyors, steel package, controls, screens, density separation equipment…  


Sparta’s MSW systems involve a range of low speed shredders, bag openers/breakers, trommels, glass breaker screens,density separators, magnets, eddy current separators, NIR optical sorters, balers, cross-wrappers, and more. 


As our recycling customers have increasingly diversified into more specialized waste streams, so too has Sparta. One such stream is mixed plastics, where the goal of these PRF’s is to further refine the separation and grading of preliminarily pre-processed plastics.  


These Sparta plastics recycling systems typically share similar equipment/ technologies utilized in its single stream systems, but tend to be more highly automated, with extensive utilization of NIR optical sorters as well as robots.  


Plastics recyclers find the Sparta engineering & operations teams highly collaborative and accommodating to help transform their vision and goals, into a processing reality and success. 


Sparta’s plastics recycling systems commonly feature bag openers, combo belt feeders,  density separators,  multiple NIR optical sorters,  robots, balers,  storage silos,  pneumatic conveying, and more. 

Sparta Unveils Olympus Accelerated
Ballistic Separator at WasteExpo

In a ground-breaking move that is set to redefine the single stream industry, Sparta Manufacturing proudly unveiled its latest marvel, the OlympusTM Accelerated Ballistic Separator, at WasteExpo 2023 in New Orleans. This cutting-edge innovation promises to transform the single stream recycling sector, delivering efficiency, speed, and reliability.


The single-stream industry has long grappled with the dilemma of choosing between throughput and low maintenance when sorting 2D and 3D materials. Sparta Manufacturing’s OlympusTM Accelerated Ballistic Separator is the answer to this challenge, setting an unparalleled benchmark for recycling facilities across the globe.