Sparta Manufacturing | MRF Sorting Systems: Single Stream, Alternative Fuels, Municipal Solid Waste and Plastic Recycling Facility
Sparta offers a complete line of Mulch, Peat Moss and Compost Processing and Material Handling Equipment. With its revolutionary Density Separator, Star Screen, Disc Screen & Trommel Screen, Sparta designs and produces high performance systems designed to meet the organic industry’s challenging material processing and handling requirements.
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Sparta takes a refreshingly unique approach to the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) systems that it designs, manufactures, integrates, and installs. As an engineering-deep systems integrator with a manufacturing facility, Sparta focuses its expertise on developing the best-fit system configuration and technologies/equipment combination for each MRF customer.


Sparta manufactures all of its MRFs’ conveyors, steel packages, control systems, and select screening and density separating equipment; and integrates & installs the best-fit key processing machinery from our leading industry partners. This enables our customers to benefit from using the best available technology, where our goal is aligned with yours.

The Best-Fit Layout, Technology & Equipment is a Winning Combination!

This mindset and design philosophy enables the Sparta team to focus on what’s best for our customer – operationally, commercially, and for the long haul. Our value is not only delivering the best value system solution for today, but designing in the flexibility & expandability that will enable our customers to capitalize on evolving markets & opportunities.


When it comes to designing, manufacturing, integrating, & installing residential and commercial single stream systems, Sparta works closely with your team to optimize the system design and equipment/technology combination. Sparta manufactures all conveyors, steel package, and select screening and separation equipment, and integrates the best-fit third-party equipment/technology from our industry partners. Our goals and yours are completely aligned, as the results will show!


Sparta’s single stream plants commonly feature: bag openers, combo belt feeders, Self Cleaning OCC Screens, glass breaker screens, ballistic separators, magnets, eddy current separators, NIR optical sorters, balers and more…


With extensive in-house experience in the processing and preparation of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF), Process Engineered Fuel (PEF), tire chips and more, Sparta is your go to partner for solutions to transform select material streams into alternative fuel.  Our C&D recycling customers are increasingly asking for back-end fuel production systems to satisfy cements kilns’ (and more) growing need for alternative fuels…


Sparta’s alternative fuels plants commonly feature: low speed shredders, ballistic separators, finger screens, trommels, snapping mat screens, density separators (air separators), high speed grinders, magnets, eddy current separators, truck-loading systems and more.


Since providing in 2006 a cutting edge MSW recycling system for the City of Edmonton, one of North America’s pioneering and most vertically integrated municipal recyclers, Sparta has remained at the forefront of designing, building, integrating, and installing MSW processing systems in Northern America. And as part of Sparta’s trademark design/philosophy, Sparta integrates best-fit third-party equipment and technologies along with its conveyors, steel package, controls, select screening and density separation equipment and more. With closely aligned goals and a steadfast commitment to designed in flexibility and expandability, it is little surprise that Sparta has provided multiple recycling systems to the City of Edmonton over many years.


Sparta’s MSW systems low speed shredders, bag openers, trommels, glass breaker screens, ballistic separators, density separators, magnets, eddy current separators, NIR optical sorters, balers and more.


As our recycling customers have increasingly diversified into new and specialized waste streams, so too has Sparta. One such stream is mixed plastics, where the goal is to further refine the separation and grading.  These Sparta plastics recycling systems share some of the equipment train with its single stream systems, but typically are more highly automated, with extensive utilization of NIR optical sorters. Plastics recyclers find the Sparta engineering & operations teams highly collaborative and accommodating to help transform their vision and goals, into a processing reality and success.


Sparta’s plastics recycling systems commonly feature bag openers, combo belt feeders, density separators, multiple NIR optical sorters, balers and more.

Featured Project – ECCO Recycling

When Calgary, Alberta-based ECCO Recycling decided to broaden the scope of its operation to process single stream materials, it also chose to add that capability within their existing, high production C&D MRF footprint. Today, thanks to a combination of good planning, open communication between ECCO and equipment supplier Sparta Manufacturing, skilled craftsmen and solid equipment performance, the company is handling a solid 16,000 tpy of single stream material and is eyeing substantial growth down the line.