Sparta Manufacturing | Sparta Star Screen: The Ultimate Mulch, Peat Moss, Wood Products and Compost Screener
The Sparta Star Screen can achieve small sizes in wet sticky condition where other screeners would clog up in minutes, making it the best screener to tackle today’s toughest organics screening jobs.
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The Sparta Star Screen provides a highly productive fine-screening solution in a compact footprint, with the unique ability to easily vary sizing in seconds. Its special compound rubber or plastic stars are mounted on rapidly rotating shafts, which moves the material as it sizes and separates. It resulting continuous agitation of material and dynamic openings between rotating stars allows the fines to efficiently pass (even in higher moisture materials), and the overs to ride on top of the stars and off the end. Sparta Star screens are most commonly utilized in primary ground or primary screened materials, and are the screener of choice in mulch, peat moss, compost, and more.

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