Sparta Manufacturing | Sparta Trommel Screen for C&D Recycling, Single Stream Recycling, Plastic Recycling, Mixed Waste and Organics Processing
With its optimal screening area and maximal screening control, the Sparta Trommel Screen, lets you benefit from a higher screening throughput and a smaller footprint requirement than the conventional decline wire mesh technology. Its leading applications include C&D (as a secondary screener), a wide range of organics, MSW.
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The reliable all-applications screen.

What is it used for?


Sparta’s robust drum rotating screen is the perfect screen for the toughest applications. This low maintenance, non-wrapping, self-cleaning screen Is often used to screen single stream, municipal solid waste, C&D, ash metal, compost and mulch. The ease of customization to the screen hole sizes, screen length and diameter make this equipment a top customer choice.

Material Recovery Facilities - Single Stream, Mixed Waste & Plastic Recycling

Construction & Demolition Recycling

Organics Recycling Systems

What’s special about the Sparta Trommel?


Sparta’s Innovative modular design makes the trommel screen highly customizable for Its various application. The non-slip polyurethane wheels, dust protected parts and heavy-duty screen sections are some of the many features Incorporated to allow It to withstand harsh environment. The custom cut screen holes allow for flexibility on material sizing, often offering more than one material size screening on a single unit.