Sparta Manufacturing | Sparta Trommel Screen for C&D Recycling, Single Stream Recycling, Plastic Recycling, Mixed Waste and Organics Processing
With its optimal screening area and maximal screening control, the Sparta Trommel Screen, lets you benefit from a higher screening throughput and a smaller footprint requirement than the conventional decline wire mesh technology. Its leading applications include C&D (as a secondary screener), a wide range of organics, MSW.
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The Sparta Trommel’s rotating drum is enclosed to help contain dust, and various screening media options are available in terms of hole size and design. The Trommel’s lifters help continually tumble the in-feed material, and efficiently pass the separated fines through their easy to change square mesh or perforated plate screens. Customers like the Sparta Trommel’s low (and easy) maintenance, cleanliness of material separation, accuracy of sizing, and reliability. Its leading applications include C&D (as a secondary screener), a wide range of organics, MSW, and single stream.

C&D Recycling

Material Recovery Facilities - Single Stream, Mixed Waste & Plastic Recycling

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