Sparta Manufacturing | C&D Recycling & Organics Processing – Density Separator
The Density Separator lets you optimize your heavies, woods and ultra lights separation. Letting you increase recycling rates and reduce landfill costs.
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The Sparta Density Separator is a highly efficient short stroke double air knife used to mechanically separate ‘medium size’ aggregates on the C&D system’s ‘B Line’ from the light fraction materials (eg. wood, OCC, paper etc.).


Sparta’s Density Separator utilizes a fluidized bed at its vibrating feed end, to help prep the material for efficient density separation by the unit’s primary and secondary air knives. The heavy aggregates drop out first, and the non-heavies are blown into a lights settling chamber, to allow lights to drop onto a sort conveyor for manual sorting as desired.


The low Hp, low maintenance Sparta Density Separator allows easy adjustment of the unit’s wind gates, product landing plates at both air knives, and velocity. These adjustments help recyclers optimize their capture of aggregates, which helps drive down their transport & disposal costs, and increase their product capture/revenue.

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