Sparta Manufacturing | Sparta Manufacturing – C&D Recycling Systems, Material Recovery Facilities Sorting Systems, Organics Processing Systems and more.
Sparta Manufacturing designs, builds, & integrates turnkey recycling systems for C&D, single stream, MSW, and organics. Whether you're looking to design and build a new recycling system, or upgrade an existing, Sparta will work closely with you to turn your vision into a solidly planned and executed reality.
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Construction & Demolition Recycling Systems

Construction & Demolition Recycling

Sparta’s roots are in designing, building, and installing C&D recycling systems.  Keeping in close contact with its various sized (from 20-100 tph) C&D recycling system customers throughout North America, the Sparta team has developed a deep understanding of its customers’ current and future processing goals, and how to design systems to best meet them. While Sparta has developed a range of key processing equipment for C&D, it prides itself on selecting and integrating the best processing tools for each system, depending upon its unique factors, space, and market. These commonly include shredders, grinders, density separators, optical sorters, magnets, eddy current separators, sorting robots and more.


Single Stream Recycling

As single stream recycling facilities look for cost (and space) efficient solutions with increasing flexibility, Sparta has answered the call. Sparta manufactures its own screening and separation equipment, conveyors, and steelworks; and integrates additional key components required for systems of all sizes. No project is too large or small to get the expert attention and interest it deserves!

Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) Sorting Systems

Organics Recycling

With a rich history in designing and building rubber star and steel disc screener-based processing systems in mulch, compost, and peat moss; and a proven track record in building a range of top-quality conveyors (including drag chain, combo chain belt, and rubber belt conveyors), Sparta has developed a strong presence in providing organics recycling systems.  And as Sparta is at its core a system integrator, Sparta organics systems commonly integrate industry-leading shredders, grinders, coloring systems, etc.  Sparta also designs and builds front-end MSW processing systems, designed to (amongst other things) separate the organics fraction for downstream composting.