Sparta Manufacturing | Olympus Accelerated Ballistic Separator
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Sparta Unveils Revolutionary Olympus Accelerated Ballistic Separator

Bruno Lagace, President and Innovator


Sparta Manufacturing Unveils Revolutionary OlympusTM Accelerated Ballistic Separator at WasteExpo 2023!


In a ground-breaking move that is set to redefine the single stream industry, Sparta Manufacturing proudly unveiled its latest marvel, the OlympusTM Accelerated Ballistic Separator, at WasteExpo 2023 in New Orleans. This cutting-edge innovation promises to transform the single stream recycling sector, delivering efficiency, speed, and reliability.


The single-stream industry has long grappled with the dilemma of choosing between throughput and low maintenance when sorting 2D and 3D materials. Sparta Manufacturing’s OlympusTM Accelerated Ballistic Separator is the answer to this challenge, setting an unparalleled benchmark for recycling facilities across the globe.


Born from Sparta’s commitment to excellence and sustainable recycling solutions, the OlympusTM combines sought-after features of ballistic and disc screen separators. Its design reduces high maintenance demands and resolves slow throughput issues, empowering facilities to embrace a new era in sustainable recycling solutions.


Equipped with conveyor belts traveling at 600 feet per minute (fpm) integrated to ballistic paddles. This allows the unit to quickly and efficiently separates 2D and operate at a steeper angle, accelerating 3D fraction recovery, hence delivering superior 2D/3D separation.


WasteExpo 2023 provided the stage for Sparta Manufacturing to showcase The OlympusTM to a captivated audience of industry professionals, clients, and partners. With thousands of attendees from around the world, the event proved to be the perfect setting to demonstrate the prowess of the OlympusTM Accelerated Ballistic Separator. Sparta offered an exclusive, first-hand glimpse into the transformative technology and engaging in stimulating discussions on its impact on the recycling landscape.


The debut of the OlympusTM at WasteExpo 2023 marks a milestone for Sparta Manufacturing and the single-stream recycling industry. As Sparta continues to push recycling technology limits, the OlympusTM Accelerated Ballistic Separator stands as a testament to their commitment to a greener tomorrow.


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