Sparta Manufacturing | Olympus Accelerated Ballistic Separator
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Olympus Accelerated Ballistic Separator


Sparta is bringing you the next class of Ballistic Separation at the WasteExpo!


The single stream industry has been forced to choose between throughput and low maintenance to sort 2D and 3D for too long.  Sparta’s new Olympus Accelerated Ballistic Separator is a ground-breaking innovation that redefines the industry’s idea of efficiency, speed and reliability.  Engineered to seamlessly integrate into your existing recycling process, this new Accelerated Ballistic Separator effortlessly combines the best features available in a ballistic separator and a disc screen separator.  Say goodbye to high maintenance demands or slow trough put and embrace the new area of sustainable recycling solutions.


If you are at the WasteExpo, be sure to stop at booth 4819 to check it out,
or visit to find out more.