Sparta Manufacturing | Another Successful Sparta & Komptech Collaboration
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Another Successful Sparta & Komptech Collaboration






Sparta and Komptech teamed up to provide a cutting-edge front-end processing system for Free State Farms’ new composting facility in Prince William County just outside Manassas, VA.  Equally progressive is the public-private partnership and their vision for diverting roughly 80,000 tons per year of yard and food waste from the landfill, and turning it into a useable product that benefits county residents and the environment alike.


The Sparta-Komptech system efficiently mechanizes the opening of the bags (with the low speed Komptech Crambo shredder), uniformly presenting its liberated stream of compostables to manual sorters on the Sparta sort line with overhead vacuum hood system.  These sorters efficiently remove the plastic bags and any other contaminants, readying this cleaned up organics stream to go to Free State Farms’ mass aeration beds and state of the art composting proc


After only roughly 45 days and one additional screening step, the compost is ‘finished’ and ready for beneficial reuse as a fertilizer/soil amendment product, resulting in a win-win for all.