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Sparta Manufacturing – C&D Recycling Systems, Material Recovery Facilities Sorting Systems, Organics Processing Systems and more.
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Sparta selected to help Adams County (WI) achieve its recycling vision


Central Wisconsin-based Adams County has a population of roughly 20,000 people, and a progressive attitude toward recycling.


For the past number of years, Adams County has manually sorted its residents’ cardboard, paper, and containers with the help of conveyors and a magnet.


However, with the upcoming opportunity to quadruple its inbound material stream through a combination of sources, Adams County’s solid waste department embarked on a mission to substantially step up its recycling game.


First, it employed the engineering services of SCS Engineers to assess its recycling system requirements, and help determine the building space and configuration required. The resulting solution was a combination of a new recycling system and building, to be blended with existing processing equipment and select infrastructure.


Following a comprehensive Request for Proposal review/vetting process, Sparta was awarded the contract to engineer, manufacture, integrate, and install an 8 ton per hour mechanized single stream system, re-using select key pieces of equipment.


In this new customized blended Sparta single stream system, Adams County laborers can now count on modernized processing equipment to mechanically separate their cardboard and paper with rotating shaft ‘OCC and 2D/3D screens’.


And with the help of a cross-belt magnet and Eddy Current separator to capture its tin and AL cans, a limited number of manual sorters can now solely focus on the picking of PET, HDPE, and mixed plastics.  Sparta’s storage silo system stores each of these commodities and automates their feeding into the fully integrated Harris 2-ram baler – the final step in this Sparta single stream system.


As an engineering-deep system integrator with a state of the art manufacturing facility, eastern Canada based Sparta brings a refreshing recycling system approach to counties and private recyclers alike.

Our job is to provide the best system design, approach, and equipment lineup for our customers.  Every piece of equipment doesn’t have to say Sparta on it; what’s important is that our customers have the best overall processing solution and experience, and that’s what we’re excited to be delivering to the folks at Adams County.


–  Rutger Zweers,  VP of Sales Engineering, Sparta